Frequently Asked Questions

Our Manhattan comedy class sounds intriguing but perhaps you have more questions. Here’s the most common ones 🙂

What is the structure / format of the comedy class?

Our six-week structure is optimized for your comedic success. Our philosophy is “we will get you to generate ten to fifteen minutes of ideas and then cut it down to the best five minutes for the class show.”

Each week’s class has a different writing prompt or assignment to get you ready for your class show.

Week 1 – Student intros, mic technique, basic comedy tools lecture, write your first joke in class, and sharing initial observations

Weeks 2 through 4 – Trying different ideas based on the writing prompts and reworking them based on feedback in class

Weeks 5 and 6 – Selecting the material you want to do for the class show, getting it in the right order, continuing to improve the jokes and memorizing your act

Can I audit a class before registering?

Yes! As long as a previous class is in session, you’re welcome to sit-in on a class to see if it’s the right fit for you. Just contact us to arrange a date in advance so we know to expect you 🙂

Yes you can schedule a free 10-minute video consultation via Zoom here.

Do I have to do the class show?

While nobody is going to show up to your house, drag you out of your bed and throw you onto the stage, we find having a deadline of “final” public performance helps keep you motivated and excited about the class.

Can people actually learn to be funny?

Almost everyone has a sense of humor. So as long as you’re not in the “completely humorless minority” – we can develop and improve your comedic sensibilities. We show you how to take your existing ideas and use the rules and strategies of comedy to pump them up.

What happens if I have to miss a class?

While there are no “make-up classes.” It’s okay if you have to miss a class or two. Especially if you continue doing the weekly assignments. We highly recommend being able to make the first and last class though.

Is there homework?

Yes there are weekly homework assignments. If you can dedicate ten minutes per day to work on your comedy ideas, you will get a lot more out of this class. That said, we understand you probably have lots of obligations so we work with you to improve your comedy with what you’re able to bring.

Are there age restrictions for this class?

Our classes are for anyone that’s 18 years or older. We’ve literally taught everyone from teens through octogenarians. Just no minors/children, sorry.

Are there language restrictions in class?

While you don’t have to curse, it’s a stand-up comedy class in New York City so other students may curse and talk about adult subjects. And the instructor will almost definitely curse 😂

Can I do privates to supplement the class?

While the class is structured to get you perfectly ready for the class show, you’re always welcome to do additional private coaching – whether before, during or after the class session.

Can I make-up the final performance if I am not free on the performance date?

Our official policy is no make-up show. It’s much more fun to perform with the students you’ve built camaraderie with during the class! That said – while we cannot guarantee it – in extenuating circumstances, we will do our best to get you on a different class show.

I’ve done comedy for a few years. Do you have a higher level class in addition to introductory 

Our comedy class is for all levels. If you’re more advanced, our instructor focuses on your specific goals and customizes for your needs. Most of our classes are a good mix of brand-new aspiring comedians as well as a few “been doing it for a bit, but wanna keep improving” students.

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I’ve never done comedy is that ok?

Yes! It’s perfectly okay! Our class is made for beginners! Approximately 70% of our enrolling students have little to no stand-up comedy experience.

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    What Our Students Are Saying

    Focuses On Making You Funnier

    “I really enjoyed my standup class with Ben. With every practice set he had tons of ideas of how to improve, whether they were as granular as word ordering or as expansive as brand-new jokes. Whether you’re a clean comic or telling dirty jokes, he only focuses on what can make you funnier and otherwise lets you be yourself.”

    Jeff G.


    Helped Us Reach Our Full Potential

    “Ben helped each of us reach the full potential of our comedic abilities, not an easy task.  With lightning speed, he came up with clever suggestions that made a huge difference in my content.  I highly recommend Ben and can’t imagine a better mentor.”

    Laura B.

    White Plains, NY

    Helps You Get Comfortable In Front Of A Crowd

    “I registered for comedy classes because I wanted to improve my public speaking skills, and see if I could actually entertain people on my own. Not only has this boosted my confidence, I had a lot of fun! Ben’s comedy classes are a great setting that help you get comfortable in front of a crowd, and learn how to curate a comedy set.”

    Staci B.

    Bronx, NY

    Gifted Instructor

    “Ben is a gifted comedic writer and instructor. He deconstructs the jokes and helps you improve your materials!”

    Sharon K.

    Upper West Side

    Fabulous Graduation Show

    “It was a great class and a fabulous graduation show. I felt prepared which ensured comfort and that never would have happened without Ben’s guidance.”

    Maryellen B.

    Upper East Side

    Provides Structure

    “Ben’s class provides you structure when you need it and room to play all in one! It gave me a chance to become confident in my own perspective and comedic voice and pushed me to be funnier than I had hoped I could be. If you’re on the fence, don’t be; I came all the way from Canada for his class!”

    Carly B.

    Toronto, Canada

    Incredible Coach

    Ben is an amazing writer and an incredible coach. He can take a premise you’re working on and turn it into one of your best jokes. I highly recommend him.

    Charles D.

    Upper West Side

    Always Improving Our Sets

    “Thank you so much for such a great graduation show and class. You taught me a lot and I really loved working with you. Your classes were always organized and on time and you never quit trying to improve our sets. It was a great experience all around!”

    Lisa W.

    Upper West Side

    Turned My Writing Into Stand-up

    “Thanks for the amazing class! It helped a lot; made me think about things in a different way and gave me more of an idea of how to turn my writing into stand-up! It also helped me feel more comfortable to try doing this.”

    McKeea P.


    Develop Your First Five-minute Set

    “Ben was an ideal instructor who provided me with solid mile-markers and guidance on the path to my stand-up debut. If you’re a total beginner, like me, Ben will help you develop your first joke into your first five-minute set. If you’re more experienced, Ben will give you the schedule, coaching, and feedback you need in order to develop new material.”

    Nick G.

    Philadelphia, PA

    Makes Your Comedy The Best It Can Be

    “Ben is a phenomenal comedian and an amazing instructor! He knows exactly what everyone needs to make their comedy the best it can be! 11/10 would recommend this class! It’s perfect for someone looking to try comedy for the first time or a veteran looking to brush up on their skills.”

    Kevin B.

    Crown Heights

    Great Teacher

    “Ben is a great teacher! He knows his stuff, gave great feedback and helped me improve. The assignments he gave allowed me to develop a range of material. By the end, I was confident enough to deliver a 5-minute set that got laughs! I’d highly recommend his class!”

    Nik R.

    Upper West Side

    Helps The Aspiring Comedian Grow

    “This class is the real deal. Ben offers so much in the way of real, detailed content to help the aspiring comedian grow and generate new material and take their material to the next level. Students get quality time on the mic during each class followed by detailed feedback from the instructor each class. Over just a few weeks you really get a sense of the major way to structure jokes- what works and what doesn’t and how to craft your best delivery. The writing prompts are super helpful! The chance to perform really drove all the points of the class home and created a whole new network of fellow comics that I’ll take with me beyond the class. Take this class! You’ll get so much to move you along in your comic development!”

    Jessie K.


    The Real Deal

    “This class is the real deal. Ben offers so much in the way of real, detailed content to help the aspiring comedian grow and generate new material and take their material to the next level. Students get quality time on the mic during each class followed by detailed feedback from the instructor each class. Over just a few weeks you really get a sense of the major way to structure jokes- what works and what doesn’t and how to craft your best delivery. The writing prompts are super helpful! The chance to perform really drove all the points of the class home and created a whole new network of fellow comics that I’ll take with me beyond the class. Take this class! You’ll get so much to move you along in your comic development!”

    Cynthia D.

    Upper West Side

    A Supportive Learning Environment

    “Ben’s unwavering attention to each student’s progress ensured a supportive learning environment that brought out the best in everyone. Though the experience was initially nerve-wracking, it ultimately proved to be a transformative and enriching journey that left me brimming with newfound confidence and a greater appreciation for stand-up comedy. Recommend to all.”

    Bobbi K.


    Incisive Feedback

    “I really enjoyed Ben’s incisive feedback and clever suggestions.”

    Aya J.

    Jersey City, NJ

    Constantly Helping Us

    “Ben is a great teacher! His class was the perfect balance of encouraging and constructive. He gave extremely thorough feedback to each student and really paid close attention to individual personalities and styles. He was constantly helping us refine jokes and brainstorm ideas along the way. I walked away from the class with newfound confidence in my writing skills thanks to his class!”

    Rosie M.

    Upper West Side

    Great Class

    “The class was great. Ben was very helpful in rewriting my tornado-divorce bit.”

    Kelly F.

    New Jersey

    Killer Insight

    “Ben’s instruction and insight have been KILLER. I loved the class. Ben’s a great teacher!!!”

    Michelle W.


    One Of The Best Stand-up Teachers

    “Ben is an amazing teacher. He does a wonderful job preparing students to do this in the real world. Ben may be one of the best stand-up teachers in NYC.”

    John B.

    Upper East Side

    Kind, Patient and Encouraging

    “Ben is a fantastic standup comedy instructor. Not only does he have years of “real world”, stand-up experience performing in clubs, but, he’s also an excellent writer. So, he helped us better tailor our routines. Including witty punchline suggestions, etc. He’s very kind, patient and encouraging, focusing on the positive of what you’re doing well. And, adding onto that that in a constructive, supportive way. The classes are fun, inspiring and educational. A great way to network too.”

    Debbie F.

    Fort Lee, NJ

    Awesome Class

    “It was an awesome class, Ben is a great teacher and really aced it.”

    Sarah E.

    Bronx, NY

    Gave Me A Lot Of Confidence

    “Ben was a great instructor and created an environment for success! Personally, the comedy class made me very vulnerable, and my nerves were high. However, the overwhelming feeling of excitement I’d get every class, in congruence with Ben’s preparation and instruction, was definitely worth it! Furthermore, the sense of accomplishment I got after completing my five-min set gave me a lot of confidence in this craft. If you’re still mulling over taking the class, I’d suggest to stop overthinking it and sign up immediately! You won’t regret it!!”

    Sama K.

    Prospect Heights, Brooklyn, NY

    Taking It Again

    “I enjoyed Ben’s standup class immensely. The classes were educational, inspiring, and just plain fun. Ben is a great teacher.  He is motivating and so organized. I have signed up for another standup class with Ben.”

    Lily F.

    Upper West Side

    Brought Out My Creative Side

    “The class was inspiring and Ben is motivating. The class brought out my creative side and Ben guided me through the process. I highly recommend trying stand-up comedy if you enjoy public speaking and would like to be challenged.”

    Sarah K.

    Queens, NY

    Third Time Taking The Class!

    “This is my third time taking class with Ben. I learn something new every time and I now have 15 minutes of material to show for it. The highest compliment I can pay is that I keep spending my time and money with Ben because the results are totally worth it!”

    Lisa W.

    Upper West Side

    I Learned So Much

    “I learned so much about the nuts and bolts of stand-up from Ben. And by the way, I love doing it.”

    Merle R.

    Upper West Side

    Outstanding Class Experience

    “Thanks for an outstanding class experience.  Your expertise as a comic is noteworthy.”

    David W.

    The Bronx

    Makes You A Better Comedian

    “This class makes you work, makes you think, and makes you a better comedian.  It’s a safe space, and I highly recommend it to all. Ben is a seasoned comic, and really listens to your personal comic ‘voice.’”

    Alice O.

    Jersey City, NJ

    You’ll Be In Good Hands

    “I’ve taken Ben’s class twice now. Both times I came in with basic ideas for jokes. By the end of six classes, Ben had helped me work them into crisp, sharp jokes that landed laughs and applause in the show. Whatever your reasons are for wanting to do standup, you’ll be in good hands with Ben’s guidance.”

    Genevieve C.

    New Jersey

    Everyone In Our Class Improved

    “Ben is a true professional on and off the stage. I saw everyone in our comedy class improve in writing, delivery, and confidence after each class! Ben is extremely quick with feedback that makes your jokes funnier or helps you explore another perspective on your set. He encourages you to be yourself and draw from your own experiences. Ben is also very open about his own experiences and answers questions you may have about pursuing comedy and being a comedian!”

    Paul O.


    Helped Make My Dream Come True

    “Thank you so much for such a wonderful class. You really helped make my dream come true!!!!”

    Sam H.

    Gramercy Park

    Your Set Will Be 10x Funnier

    “There is no question that at the end of this class, your set will be 10x funnier. It’s math, so you know it has to be true.”

    Scott G.

    Hell's Kitchen

    Something To Look Forward To Every Week

    “I learned a lot from the instructor and the group was just so fun! It really gave me something to look forward to every week. And the class show was so fun and I can really see myself pursuing stand-up as a hobby now.”

    Justin M.

    New Jersey